Netflix Genocide: Don’t Fight A Losing Battle

Netflix Genocide: Don’t Fight A Losing Battle

July 20, 2016 Entrepreneur 0
Netflix Genocide | Nick Cownie

Big Takeaway: Video stores are dead. Blockbuster is gone… Video Ezy is next. Netflix (and others like it) have committed mass-video-store-genocide… and it’s better for everyone (except video store owners).

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If you fight a losing battle, you’re an idiot.

Case in point: Video Ezy.

Just a moment ago I deleted an email offering me two-for-one DVD rental from my nearest available Video Ezy Express kiosk.

Wherever the hell that is.


As in PAY for one, get the other free.

How much does one DVD rental cost? About six bucks.

My wife and I pay about nine bucks a MONTH for unlimited tv shows, movies, and documentaries ON-DEMAND… from the comfort of our own home… and on my iPhone if I so choose… thanks to the God of streaming entertainment: Netflix.

Netflix (and other sites like it) are committing mass-video-store-genocide… and it’s better for everyone (except video store owners, obviously).

Here’s a screenshot of the Video Ezy homepage:

Video Ezy Is Dead | Nick Cownie


It looks old… outdated… and like a bit too much hard work.

If I want to rent a movie, I have to:

  • “find my nearest location”… then
  • get in my car and drive to said location (which means I have to leave my house, in case you’re not following)… then
  • locate the actual “kiosk” thing…
  • browse the (extremely limited) selection of movies and tv shows… then
  • select one or more…
  • swipe my card (which I’ve actually forgotten to bring once – very frustrating)… then
  • collect and ENJOY!

No… wait.

Actually, before I can enjoy I have to:

  • go back to my car…
  • drive home again…
  • put the DVD in my DVD player (…hang on — I don’t have one of those anymore)… then
  • hope the DVD doesn’t have scratches (which they have – on more than one occasion)… then
  • ENJOY!

Screw that.

Here’s how to not lose the battle…

Take a look at the Netflix homepage:


Netfilx | Nick Cownie


How’s that for a winning proposition:

  • Watch anywhere.
  • Cancel at anytime.
  • Join free for a MONTH.

Seriously… there’s no competition.

How does Video Ezy expect to compete with this?


Netflix Options | Nick Cownie


There you have it.

Take from this what you will.

What I take from it is this:

Don’t fight a losing battle.

Video Ezy would be far better off emulating Netflix, and then finding a point of differentiation.

Otherwise their point of differentiation is going to be they’re out of business, and Netflix is not.

Tell me in the comments section what YOU think Video Ezy can do to compete with Netflix.


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