Melania Trump vs Michelle Obama: How To Plagiarize A Speech

Melania Trump vs Michelle Obama: How To Plagiarize A Speech

July 21, 2016 Influence 1
Melania Trump Plagiarized Speech | Nick Cownie

Big Takeaway: If you’re going to plagiarize someone else’s work… it’s probably best not to do it when your husband is running for President of the United States. And… if you’re going to hire a speechwriter, make sure you tell them not to plagiarize the current President’s wife.

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Did Donald Trump’s Wife Steal Part Of Her Speech From Barrack Obama’s Wife?

Stranger things have happened (…like¬†RNC chief strategist Sean Spicer claiming this speech was in fact stolen from the My Little Pony character, Twilight Sparkle — my daughter’s favourite — and not from Michelle Obama)… but this is pretty strange.

If you haven’t seen this yet, check out the super short video below, comparing Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech with Melania Trump’s 2016 speech:

Crazy, right?

So… how SHOULD you plagiarize someone else’s work?

Technically, you shouldn’t.

But it happens everyday.

One coach I had in the past used to refer to it as R&D — rip off and duplicate!

The reality is, there are very few new ideas.

So whether you call it plagiarism… modelling… or paying homage… at some point you’ll likely be tempted to copy someone else’s work.

And I’m actually completely cool with that.

Not with outright stealing of other’s ideas or material.

That sucks, and you shouldn’t do it.

But finding inspiration in other’s work; modelling someone’s “style”, and putting your own spin on it — that’s pretty much inevitable in life and business these days.

I’m doing it right now.

Here’s how I came up with the idea for this blog post (warning: I’m about to get all meta on you now — writing a blog post about how I came up with the idea for the blog post about writing the blog post… Whoa).

7 Simple Steps To Writing An Extremely Specific Blog Post About Melania Trump Plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s Speech:

Step 1: I was scrolling through Facebook about ten minutes ago, and saw an article about how Melania Trump had ripped off Michelle Obama’s speech.

Step 2: I thought that was pretty funny, then thought nothing more of it.

Step 3: I decided to write a blog post, so I Googled “trending now”… and discovered that this Trump fiasco is massively trending at this very moment.

Step 4: I went to YouTube and found the video posted above.

Step 5: I came up with a catchy title, and started writing this blog post.

Step 6: When I’m done, I’ll share it on Facebook, and probably get a heap of traffic to my website today… because I put a hook in my title (“How to plagiarize a speech”) that should prove pretty irresistible to click-happy Facebook scrollers.

Step 7: I’ll do something more productive with the rest of my day. Like watch Zack and Quack on Netflix with my son… Zach. (By the way, if you haven’t seen Zack and Quack, check it out. It’s pretty damn awesome).

So what’s the real reason I’m writing this blog post?

And why am I explaining the process to you?

And… why have I tagged this in my influence category?


Hacking the interwebs is actually pretty easy.

Your website needs traffic (…duh).

To get traffic, people need a reason to go there.

To give people a reason, it’s pretty easy to “spin-off” something that’s already proven to be popular and getting clicks and traffic.

Finding popular content is a ten second job these days (I literally just Googled the term “trending now”).

Put your own spin on it, hit the go button, and you’re off to the races.

If you can find a way to tie that trending content in to something you actually do in your business, that’s a formula for endless free traffic.

Now get out there, and get after it.

Just don’t plagiarize the President’s wife in the process.


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