Meet Your New Secret Weapon

Nick Cownie is the secret weapon of the world's elite executives, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists, with over 20 years of experience in transforming countless lives and organizations with his powerful practices. Nick is an award-winning author, and entrepreneur. He also holds black belts in both Japanese Jujutsu and Karate.

Discover how to master your mind to transform your business, crush uncertainty, and unlock your full potential as a certified EPIC NLP Practitioner.
Learn how to sell your knowledge, leverage your time, and get paid on autopilot with your own profitable online courses & coaching programs.
Keep your kids safe, happy, and healthy with the world's best defensive tactics, situational awareness & risk management training program for kids.

Nick Cownie has consulted high-achievers for almost two decades... including NYT best-selling authors, Hollywood movie directors, Netflix producers, former Pro-NFL & NBA players, and executives from organisations such as Google, Apple, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, SalesForce, NASA, the US Military, Audi, McDonalds, Macquarie Bank, Harley Davidson... and many more.

Nick Cownie is an entrepreneur, investor, author, international speaker, mindset expert, and black belt martial artist.

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