About Nick Cownie

Nick Cownie

Nick Cownie is Founder and Director at Success Dynamics Institute.

He’s also a certified NLP trainer, a published author, international speaker, and certified digital marketing specialist.

In his former life Nick was a qualified traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, specialising in paediatric digestive disorders.

Nick believes that in every domain there are fundamental principles, processes, and psychological Success Dynamics that unlock exceptional performance and results.

To identify, codify, and transfer Success Dynamics, he’s combined 
his extensive knowledge of traditional Chinese pattern identification (Bian Zheng) with the science and psychology of cognitive behavioural reconditioning to create unique models of accelerated skill acquisition.

Nick is often brought in as the behind-the-scenes “secret weapon” to provide elite training and consulting. His personal training and consulting client list reads like the “who’s who” of the international business, sports, and entertainment communities.