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How To Control Your Subjective Reality

The Reality Filter describes the process by which your unconscious mind creates your subjective reality, second-by-second.

Every second your five perceptual senses are being bombarded with ten billion bits of sensory input.

That input is filtered through your pre-existing beliefs, values, habits, identity, memories, capabilities and conditioning… leaving you with one hundred and thirty-four “bits” of information per second.

That means what you have decided is “reality” is actually less than one millionth of one percent of what’s possible to perceive each second.

Your focus is the major determinant of what “shows up” in your life as your current reality. Your focus is (to a large extent) “controlled” by your RAS, or Reticular Activating System.

By choosing to Selectively Focus (which is SUCCESS Habit #6) exclusively on what you want to achieve, you expedite the process of change.

In order to actually make the change, you’ll need to progress through the 7 Minute Mindset Change Formula.

One important point to remember is that when you set a 10/10 EPIC Goal, you’ll automatically (…and I hesitate to use this word…) “attract” the equal and opposite challenge to you because of the Pendulum Effect.

When that inevitably happens, you’ll be able to use your new EPIC NLP skills to handle the challenge, and in the process, prove to yourself that it is in fact both possible and achievable to achieve your EPIC Goals when you take full responsibility for handling whatever gets thrown at you.

You will then perceive that, and your Reality Filter will begin to change, and move you into alignment with the person you need to BE in order to achieve your EPIC Goals as a natural side-effect of who you are.

Here’s the TL;DR version… Focus selectively on what you want to program your RAS to filter your perceptions in a way that proves to you that you can achieve your EPIC Goals. BOOM!

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