How To Copy And Paste Elite Sales Psychology

Imagine… What if every sales rep was your top performer?

What if you were responsible for the entire sales force for a massive enterprise-level organisation.

Thousands upon thousands of sales reps to be managed and trained, all over the world.

How do you ensure they’re all performing at their absolute maximum potential?

The common misconception is that sales professionals only need product knowledge and skills training.

Whilst it’s true that product knowledge and sales skills are both essential, there’s a massive gap there – hidden right under your nose – which, if it’s not addressed, will lead to not only diminished sales revenue and sales productivity, but eventually decreased employee morale and churn.

So what’s the big, ticking time-bomb hidden in plain sight in your organisation?

It’s sub-par sales psychology.

Sales skills and product knowledge will only get your sales professionals so far.

If it were true that that’s all it took to create a top performer, then it stands to reason that everyone who has both sales skill training and product knowledge training should automatically rise to the top of the pile.

Rarely does that actually happen though.

Instead, a bell curve emerges, where you have a small group of outstanding, top performers… a large “belly” of moderately successful sales reps… and a (hopefully) small group of significantly under-performing sales staff.

Discover The Unconventional System To “Copy & Paste” Sales, Leadership, and Personal Excellence With
Game-Changing Elite Performance Psychology.

Your top performers have a treasure trove of untapped potential locked away inside their subconscious minds.

What if we could give you the key, through The SHIFT Method, to unlock that potential for excellence and elite sales performance… turn it into a reproducible system… and install it directly into the subconscious minds of the rest of your sales professionals so they…

Automatically Think, Feel And Act Like A Top Performer.

Check out the video below with Nick Cownie, creator and founder of The SHIFT Method, explaining the foundations of the method in a little over five minutes.


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