EPIC: Extreme Personal Improvement Challenge

Discover how to set and achieve life-changing, EPIC goals, remove limiting beliefs and unwanted emotional blocks, and master your mind in as little as 12 weeks. This self-paced course features a blended delivery method to qualify you as an NLP practitioner.


HERO: Habitual Excellence Reality Overhaul

Learn the advanced NLP skills you need to completely overhaul your reality, and achieve success in the three key areas of wealth, health, and relationships in 12 short weeks. This self-paced course features a blended delivery method to qualify you as an NLP Master Practitioner.


LEAP: Lifestyle Entrepreneur Accelerator Program

Discover the proven, step-by-step process to build and launch your own high six-to-seven figure lifestyle business that you can run in your spare time. You'll learn how to attract high-quality prospects on autopilot... consistently convert them into high-paying customers... and deliver your products and services in as little as 2 to 4 hours per week.


FATE: Freedom Adventure Travel Education

Get personalized, hands-on mentoring with Nick Cownie to help you plan, build, launch, grow, and scale your own highly-successful business. You'll work closely with Nick and a hand-selected cohort of your peers as you are guided step-by-step through the entire process of starting your first business, optimizing your existing business, or making the transition from full-time employee to full-time business owner.


Influence FAST

Discover how to become irresistibly influential and powerfully persuasive. Nick has spent the past decade immersed in creating the ultimate breakdown of what it takes to influence and persuade people in every situation, whether that be at work, in the courtroom, in the boardroom, speaking from stage, in sales, and more.



Designed and offered exclusively to plaintiff's attorneys, the Get The VERDICT program teaches high-level influence skills to help you convey your message most effectively to the jury, prepare your witnesses, and ultimately increase the money awarded when you get the verdict for your client.