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Sick & Tired Of Goal-Setting Systems That Promise The World... Hype You Up... Then Just Don't Work?
So was I... and that's why I created the EPIC Goal-Setting Quiz.

Based on the science and psychology of extreme personal improvement covered in my book 7 Minute Mindset... this short quiz can predict with (relative) mathematical certainty whether or not you'll achieve your EPIC Goals.

What's Your EPIC Goal Score? Take The Quiz To Find Out Now...
Get Your Hands On The Secret Weapon Of Multi-Millionaires, NYT Best-Selling Authors, Professional NFL Players, Netflix Directors, Executives From Google, Apple, Audi, McDonalds, IBM, Dell, And Many More...
"This is really amazing... A lot of our members take Nick Cownie's programs and are getting incredible results. He has amazing systems, and amazing tools."
Neil Strauss | NYT Best-selling Author
"If you want proven tools from one of the best in the business, who delivers super-fast mindset changes that last, we can confidently say you can stop searching right now, because Nick is your guy."
Andrew Grant | Our Internet Secrets
"Nick helped me go from $150 an hour, to $60k per month, in just 15 to 20 minutes."
Kyle Burford | Founder, AgPads
"If you want a set of coaching and therapy tools that are super-fast and powerful, and create lasting change in your life, then you need Nick Cownie."
Russ Ayres | Russ Ayres Hypnotherapy
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