Today, we’re looking at the 7 Habits of FAILURE and SUCCESS.

The 7 Habits of FAILURE

I discovered these habits over the course of roughly 20 years.

I’ve always been acutely fascinated by the concept that two people can grow up and live in extremely similar circumstances, yet one of those people goes on to become very successful, whilst the other never fully (or often, even minimally) lives up to their potential.

An informal (and borderline obsessive) “study” of thousands upon thousands of wildly successful people, and phenomenally “normal failures” ensued, and the result is the identification of seven habits that predictably lead to either failure or success.

The seven habits of FAILURE are relatively universal, in as much as I’ve seen them in every race, religion, and culture I’ve had the privilege to explore, coach, teach and train.

The best way to use them is diagnostically — to know what they are, be able to identify when they are interfering with your life, and then systematically overcome them using your EPIC NLP skills.

Here’s a breakdown of the FAILURE Habits, with some simple questions you can ask yourself for each, to determine it’s current impact in your life:

F – Fear

  • What am I afraid of right now?
  • How am I letting fear of _ (failure… success… embarrassment… the unknown… other people’s opinions…) slow me down / hold me back / get in my way / stop me?

A – Attention Displacement

  • Where, or how (specifically) am I putting my intention on the wrong things?
  • What am I doing that I’d be better off not doing?

I – Indecision

  • What decision(s) am I avoiding?
  • Why am I avoiding making this decision?

L – Lack of Action

  • What action(s) am I avoiding?
  • Why am I avoiding those actions?

U – Unrealistic Expectations

  • Where or how am I being unrealistic here?
  • What assumptions am I basing my beliefs / actions on?

R – Repeating Patterns

  • What am I allowing to continue, that I know is getting in my way?
  • What emotional states do I allow myself to indulge in?
  • Who or what consistently “pushes my buttons”?

E – External Negative Influences

  • Who or what am I allowing to influence my beliefs, emotions and / or behaviours?
  • Who or what outside my control is affecting my ability to achieve my EPIC Goals?

Ok, so that’s the seven habits of FAILURE.

Now let’s turn our attention to…

The Seven Habits of SUCCESS.

S – Strategic Planning

  • What’s the MED (minimum effective dose) in this situation?
  • What is the least action that I can take, and still achieve my EPIC Goal?
  • What is the most direct path?
  • What would this look like if it were easy?
  • Who do I need to BE in order to achieve this goal as a natural side-effect of who I am, what I do, and how I show up in the world?

U – Unlearning

  • Which of the seven habits of FAILURE is screwing me up the most?
  • Which EPIC NLP technique is most appropriate to use first?

C – Comfort Re-Zoning

  • What do I need to be more comfortable with?
  • What situations / people / conversations / actions am I avoiding because they’re uncomfortable or unfamiliar?
  • What specifically can I do right now to make that more familiar or comfortable?

C – Consistent Action

  • What actions must I commit to taking consistently to achieve my EPIC Goals?
  • What is the path of least action here that I can take?
  • What is the smallest possible action I can absolutely commit to taking consistently, that will still move me forward?

E – Entrepreneurial Thinking

  • What value am I / do I need to provide in order to receive the value I want in return?
  • How can I deliver ten times the value I’m delivering right now, with the same effort and energy?

S – Selective Focus

  • What is the single most important thing I should be focusing on right now?

S – Self Belief

  • What do I need to believe about myself to achieve this EPIC Goal?
  • What beliefs would someone hold who had already achieved my EPIC Goal?

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