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Millionaire Mindset Change Formula

Do You Have The Millionaire Mindset?

A few days ago I had a chat with a student of mine about the “Millionaire Mindset”, and making more money.

I explained a concept one of my (ridiculously wealthy) friends and mentors taught me a few years ago at an ultra-intense money mindset seminar. Here’s his formula:

Change Formula   That breaks down like this:

(Desire + Dissatisfaction + Demand) x Vision x Plan > Cost of Change

Let’s break it down further…

Desire – Wanting something better.

Dissatisfaction – Not settling for what you have or where you’re at.

Demand – The point of no return, where you make the change, no matter what. 

Vision – What you want. 

Plan – How you intend to get there. 

Cost of Change – Your perception of what it’ll cost you in terms of time, energy, money, etc. to make the change. Usually the PERCEIVED cost of change is greater than the true cost (…that’s important!).

Most people can have every component of this formula in place except for the DEMAND, and they’ll still never get “there”, wherever there is for them.


Because until you demand the change of yourself you’ll allow yourself to stay where you are. Plain and simple. Which brings me back to my conversation.

You Must Demand The Change Of Yourself

I explained this, and in return was told “I haven’t felt the demand yet.”

That, on the surface, makes sense.

But it’s not about FEELING the demand. You need to build it for yourself. To decide, and then act.

Here’s my word-for-word response to my client:


“The “Demand” component of this formula is not about feeling the demand, it’s about demanding the change from yourself. It’s about reaching the point where it’s no longer a maybe, but it’s a “Fuck This — I’m doing this NO MATTER WHAT” experience. Think of it like the moment a battered wife decides to leave an abusive husband. That woman could have stayed for years… rationalising all the reasons why the guy really does love her… and how one day he’ll change… and it’s really her fault anyway. Then one day, something in her head just SNAPS. She realizes, instantaneously, that she’s doing the wrong thing. That it’s hurting her. That there’s a better way. So she grabs her shit and walks out the door, and never looks back. She finally DEMANDED the change from herself. That’s what we’re talking about.”

Have you demanded the change from yourself?

If you’re ready to finally demand the change, step up, and achieve those goals you’ve let slide (but know, deep down, you really want to go after)… check this out:

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