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Nick Cownie combines martial philosophy and behavioural psychology to create wealth and freedom in your business.

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Meet Nick Cownie

Nick Cownie stands at the forefront of personal and business transformation, renowned internationally as a world-leading mindset expert, published author, speaker, and certified digital marketing specialist... and black belt in both Jujitsu and Karate.

His groundbreaking systems combine his extensive experience in traditional Chinese medical pattern discrimination, NLP & hypnosis, martial philosophy, and behavioural psychology.

Nick's expertise in training and consulting has made him a coveted "secret weapon," attracting a clientele that spans international business, sports, and entertainment luminaries.

Nick provides transformative mindset tools that deliver rapid, measurable results for his discerning clients, often resulting in millions of dollars of additional revenue.

Nick Cownie has consulted high-achievers for almost two decades... including NYT best-selling authors, Hollywood movie directors, Netflix producers, former Pro-NFL & NBA players, and executives from organisations such as Google, Apple, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, SalesForce, NASA, the US Military, Audi, McDonalds, Macquarie Bank, Harley Davidson... and many more.

Ready to sharpen Your Sword?

Whenever you're ready, here's how Nick can help you...


If you want to know how to eliminate fear, procrastination, and self-doubt then you might want to explore Nick's 7 Minute Mindset book, online NLP & Hypnosis courses & live events.


If you're ready to build a profitable online course or coaching business then you might want to explore Nick's powerful marketing & sales software and business systems.


Whether you're an experienced instructor, or a "day one" student, Nick has expertise to help you level up. Explore our online programs and live Defensive Combatives trainings.

Nick Cownie combines martial philosophy and behavioural psychology to create wealth and freedom in business.

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